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Happy New Year!  We hope everyone had a GREAT holiday season spent with loved ones and all the special people in your lives.  The Live Like Lucas Foundation is getting ready for a TREMENDOUS 2022 and here’s an update on what has happened and where we are going in the new year.

Our First Ever Community Talent Showcase

In early December we had our first talent showcase at Paetow High School.  The Paetow High School Theatre Department went ABOVE and BEYOND in helping us pull off an incredible show!  19 acts with 63 performers showed us just how talented they are.  We had over 200 people in attendance and raised over $4,600 for the foundation!  I believe everyone had a great time and we learned a lot in our first show.


Katy ISD Education Foundation

Because of your continued support, donations and two successful fundraising events in 2021, we were able to donate $10,000 to the Katy ISD Education Foundation.  The Katy ISD Education Foundation awards teacher grants that provide financial support for innovative programs they implement.  They serve as a catalyst for extraordinary teachers to create extraordinary classroom experiences for their students.  The Live Like Lucas Foundation is now partnering with them to help support innovative programs within their special education departments.  For the 2021/22 school year, their foundation awarded seven grants for special education and we were able to fully fund two of these:

  1. Miracle Moves and Enlightened Grooves at Sundown Elementary

  2. Communication Exploration: Enhancing the Speech Therapy Room at Stephens Elementary

We are extremely excited to start our partnership with this incredible foundation.  More information about this foundation can be found on their website at


Adams Junior High Life Skills

We had the privilege to help support the Adams Life Skills kids in their weekly delivery service, as well as help fund a new library section dedicated to special education.  The Life Skills students have been delivering delicious coffee and goodies to teachers and staff on a weekly basis and it has been a huge success.  This has helped these students learn how to interact with people, achieve acceptance amongst their peers, build confidence and show kindness and love to everyone.  We just love this endeavor started by Angie Rodriguez and hope to continue to support this for years to come.  We were also able to donate funds to help the school build a section in the school library dedicated to special needs kids.  These students now have a place where they can learn and interact in their own environment.

Making a Difference in 2022

We strive to continue to make a difference in our community by keeping Lucas’ legacy of spreading love and sharing kindness alive by supporting the special needs community.  In 2022 we plan to do just that by providing the following:


  • College Scholarships - Once again we are offering five $1,000 scholarships to high school seniors and current college students that contribute to the special needs community and are planning to or actively pursuing, a degree in special education.  Our goal is to make sure those that go above and beyond in working and supporting individuals with special needs have the financial support they need to continue to do this in college.  If you know of a high school senior or a college student who loves working with special needs individuals, please point them to our website for more information on scholarships.

  • Summer Special Needs Camps -We plan to help send individuals to certain special needs camps in the area.   Beloved and Beyond Summer Camp, owned and operated by Glen and Laura Elder, is a Christian-based special needs camp that makes sure each camper has a one-on-one “buddy” with them at all times which is so extremely important.  The incredible staff and volunteers working at this camp are extremely good at what they do!  If you know a child and/or family that is considering sending their child to a special needs summer camp but are concerned about the cost, please have them get in touch with us as we would love to help.

  • Katy ISD Education Foundation -As stated above, we plan to continue to support this foundation by funding grants specifically for special education.

We are always looking for ways to support and help families with disabilities including support for therapy services, after school care, young adult transitioning from school to work/home, etc.  If you know of any family needing some support please let us know.

Upcoming Events

We have a few events coming up:

  • 2nd Annual Color Walk/Run on April 23rd.  This must-see event will take place once again at Seven Lakes Junior High.  You are sure to have a blast as we will have a DJ, food and lots of color powder to walk-thru.  You can sign up here:


  • 2nd Annual Talent Showcase.  In the Fall, we plan to once again have a talent showcase.  Information coming soon!


How you can help?

There are many ways you can help support our foundation:

  • Donate your time.  We are always looking for volunteers to help us with our events, etc.  If you are interested in volunteering, please just reach out to us via email ( and/or by signing up on our website.


  • Donate financially.  There are numerous ways you can help our foundation through monetary support.

  1. Donate money through the website:  Just click “Donate” on the website and it will take you to our PayPal page for donations.

  2. Amazon Smile:  We are now set up as a charity with Amazon.  By clicking on the link below, before you shop on Amazon, a portion of your purchase will go to the foundation.  This is an extremely easy way to support us as we all seem to buy more and more on Amazon.

If anyone has any questions about anything related to Lucas and/or the foundation, please feel free to reach out to us at

Always remember to LIVE LIKE LUCAS!!!

Warmest regards,

David and Afsoon Harrison