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The Foundation's Mission

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To enrich the lives of individuals with special needs, and their families, thru support and opportunities provided by the foundation.  We strive to provide fun opportunities for these individuals to achieve acceptance into the community and their peers.  Live Like Lucas will also provide financial support to families in need, and scholarships, and other educational support within the Katy Independent School District. 


Lucas loved everyone he met. He had a loving heart and a gentle soul and by just spending a few moments with him you felt the happiness and joy inside him.  He loved everyone unconditionally and we want to continue to spread this love throughout our community.  There are needs all around us and through this foundation, we feel we can make a difference in the lives of so many people, just as Lucas did while he was on this earth.  Although he has physically left us, his love and kindness will continue to reach so many people.    

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